Windows Mobile 6.6 coming in February, 7.0 to be delayed again?

Microsoft plans to launch the 6.6 update for their Windows Mobile OS next month bringing capacitive touchscreen support, among other performance optimizations and bug fixes.
main Windows Mobile 6.6 coming in February, 7.0 to be delayed again?
The official announcement of the new version will most probably take place at the MWC 2010 in February in Barcelona.

I have to admit the Windows Mobile 6.5 did well into the smartphone sector and the capacitive-display-packing HTC HD2 was a huge success. So bringing native capacitive touchscreen support is definitely the next logical step.
Despite the fact Windows Mobile 7 is cooking in the Microsoft labs, it seems they won’t give up the 6.5 version and will continue to improve it. The bad news is that this extra work on the 6.6 version may result in delaying WinMo 7 for the early 2011, instead of releasing it in 2010.
I am still hoping that this rumor is wrong and the actual Microsoft event in Barcelona will be the unveiling of Windows Mobile 7. After all Microsoft were pretty clear that even WinMo 6.5 wasn’t a part of their plan, so why bother with another minor update?


Android Secrets : Alphabet and Desert

Whoever creates the codenames of Android sure has a sweet taste. We’ve known Cupcakes, Donuts and Eclairs so far. We can conclude Androids developer like alphabet as well as sweet. The sequel was rumored to be called Flan, but now there’s talk of it being called Froyo.

Don't you 'miss-hear' it as Frodo in the Lord of The Ring. Froyo itself stands for FROzen YOgurt, another sweets.But, if Android was the first, then we have Cupcakes, Donuts, Eclairs, and then Flan/Froyo, where is the 'B'????
And what 'B' stands for? Buttercake, Brownies??

Sony Ericsson Plants two New Tree : Elm and Hazel

Quotes from Source :

Today Sony Ericsson presented their latest Greenheart tree-hugging phones - the aptly named Elm and Hazel. Those two are no slackers in functionality as they come with Wi-Fi, GPS and pioneer social networking integration via homescreen widgets. They also pack some innovative sound enhancing technologies such as Noise Shield, Clear Voice and Intelligent Volume Adaptation.

Let's have a look to them. The First 'Elm', have a 5 MP Camera with AutoFocus, also comes with Wi-Fi, and GPS with pre-installed Google Maps and WisePilot. Built by candybar form, this handsets give 2.2" QVGA screen 256K colors including Acclerometer for Auto Rotate. This handset also featured by Threaded SMS (Chat-Like SMS), MMS, E-Mail with Push Email, with Full Connection of GPRS,EDGE,HSDPA,HSUPA and Wi-Fi, also Bluetooth v2.1 with A2DP and microUSB. The Camera itself supports Face Detection, Smile Detection, and Geo Tagging, with Video Call support. Another feature is Integrated Social Networking Application, Widget Manager and some Green Application.

While 'Hazel' comes with Slide form and 2.6" toucscreen 16M colors and 15mm thickness. It also have 5MP AutoFocus Camera, Wi-Fi, and GPS with pre-installed Application. Other feature are almost same with the 'Elm'.

Interestingly, Sony Ericsson mention a microUSB charger in the retail packages of both phones, which would make them the second and third phones by the manufacturer to feature that port after the XPERIA X10. Unfortunately, it's clearly visible from the shots that the Hazel and Elm both have proprietary FastPorts on their sides. Again, both the Elm and Hazel have quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE support and dual-band HSPA (2100/900). Interestingly the devices are also HD Voice ready thanks to the AMR-WB audio codec.


Nokia E72 Review : Business Monster

This phone is said to be famous before it's launched officially in the market. With many great novel features, it's not our fault if we agree with statement above. Yes, this was a good phone. This 'big' handsets is the senior of the previous Nokia E71. Coming with exclusive improvement, it's likely this phone will conquer the business phone market.

Key features
- Full Candybar QWERTY keyboard
- Landscape 2.36" QVGA display resolution
- ARM11 CPU with 600 Mhz processor
- 5 MPix Cams with AutoFocus and LED Flash
- Office Document Editor with 2007 support
- Optical Trackpad

Display and Interface
This 'landscape' phone give us a full-QWERTY keyboard without sliding it out because it's all given in candybar form, so the display will be landscape to follow the proportion. Being wide, Nokia E72 still fits in our hands, at least we can say there's nothing problem for holding it up, this phone's also being the slimmest QWERTY phone on the market. In the box, there is also a leather carrying case to put this phone in, so no worry to dust. The display screen itself is quite strong and good enough even in sunlight. We know it, the display of Nokias are better than all. This time you can navigate in menus using a new inovative trackpad from Nokias, there is also D-Pad too. The combination make us free to chose.

Document on The Go
The letter 'E' in this phone, means this phone is created for some serious task, we can say it as a mobile computing. Mobile computing itself contains many task to do, from scheduling an appointment, e-mail client, document editor, presentattion, conference call and good network and connection to support mobile computing. And guess what? This phone have all of those things. We can quite calm this time.

Multimedia and Entertainment
Being 'office' doesn't mean it loose the fun taste. IT accomodates 5 Megapixels camera with Autofocus and LED Flash, we know it more than we need for fun. Another multimedia shot comes in a music sector. Although not designed to be a musician, this phone also create powerful sounds with enough bass to enjoy the entertainment. Of course we didn't forget about picture gallery and video players. Games are also in the way.

The wares
For doing some serious task, Nokia have armed this device with Full Featured QuickOffice that support Offie 2007, PDF Viewer, E-Mail Client, and Remote Lock. Wait, for your surprise, there are also Facebook aplication for Nokia E71/E72 in Ovi Store, although the interface is bit simple according to us. Switching to hardware mode, we can found a Bluetooth, USB Cable, 3.5mm Headset jack, and GPS receiver with Nokia Maps. What to say next? Just prepare your money and hunt

Nokia plans to give Symbian UI a new interface

AS we know the news that Nokia plans to make a new improvement in Symbian, because of its Aging User Interface, they published some screenshot for the next UI. The plans in 2010 also including the usage of capasitive touchscreen type in their touch devices. IT will reduce the tapping quantity for accessing some feature in mobile phone, like in multimedia and comunication.

Another novelties is they plan to upgrade the previous 15fps in scrolling to a 60fps. The browser will also designed to ease the operation, user-friendly, and some improvements. Another big news from this company is they are about to launch first Maemo 6 devices in 2010. We will wait and see

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Opera launch Two New beta2 Browser

We're surprising of the coming of the two new broser : Opera Mini 5 beta2 and Opera Mobile 10 beta2. Both browser take different target. Opera Mini 5 beta2 is created for non-OS mobile phone as it was a Java-Powered application, while the Opera Mobile 10 beta 2 is targetted to OS-Based mobile phone like Symbian and Windows Mobile.

Opera Mobile itself support Opera Turbo which compress web page more, so the loading took faster then previous version. For your info, this new browser support thumbnail speed dial that can give you easy access to your favourite website. The major difference in this version with the previous version is the download manager. Now you can download, pause and organize your download to ease your browsing experience.

For more info. Visit in your desktop browser or view it in your mobile phone by visiting in your mobile phone browser. Have a fun browsing.

Nokia N97 Mini Review : The MiniMax

Nokia N97 Mini Review : The Minimax
Say hello to the N97 younger brother. Yes, this time it has its mini version. Not only cut the dimension, this mini also remove some feature, like FM Transmitter and N-Gage. But still, this junior comes special. Built-in Full Touch Display and Full QWERTY keyboard, this phone offers great functionality with full connectivity. Rich multimedia and Office application are the main menu of this handset.

Key Features
- 3.2” Wide Display 360x640 pixels
- 5 Mpix Camera with Carl Zeeiss Tessar Optic + Dual LED Flash
- Full QWERTY keyboard
- ARM11 434 MHz processor
- S60 5th Edition
- 1200mAh battery

Display & Interface
Because the giant loose its weigh, they got smaller dimension. Comes in about 1.5mm smaller, make this phone easy to hold. N97 mini empower the slide-out function with solid equipment. This slide mechanism can built it into a small computer by lifting the display. Powered by 16 Million colors 3.2” inch screen, the icons are placed perfect. Still the same with its S60 5th family, the icon style aren’t far different, quite big to ‘touch’. Still, this phone comes with stylus to ease the operate.

Entertainment on The Go
As an N-series family. This phone still developing its multimedia ability. Boosted with a big 5 Megapixels Camera with AutoFocus and Dual LED Flash, this phone can say more both in outdoor and indoor. Of course still, the indoor quality is below the outdoor ones. Switch to Music function, there are stereo speakers with crunch sound and some sound quality improvement setting to hear music better. The 3.5mm Headset Jack and A2DP make it more powerful.

Office and Connection
Fated as a multimedia phone doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have another arm. Same with previous version, this phone comes with complete HSDPA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB Cable until Built-in GPS Receiver integrated with Nokia Maps and 3 months free audio navigation license. For office task, N97 mini hands it over to QuickOffice and Adobe PDF Viewer. Unfortunately, the Office application are designed to be a viewer only. Need furhter purchase to make it an editor too.

The Wares
Being a S60 5th phone give a huge selection off application to be installed. Morover the MIDP is also supporting the aplication availability. Pre installed with Social Networking application and E-mail Client make more sense in this small phone. The hardware are also as good as we expected. The battery capacity is big enough, 1200mAh. For addition, we receive some reports that much usage in game causing the overheat in back body. But that’s not make worse the 128MB RAM and ARM11 434 MHz processor phone with 8GB memory. The choice is up to you.