We're surprising of the coming of the two new broser : Opera Mini 5 beta2 and Opera Mobile 10 beta2. Both browser take different target. Opera Mini 5 beta2 is created for non-OS mobile phone as it was a Java-Powered application, while the Opera Mobile 10 beta 2 is targetted to OS-Based mobile phone like Symbian and Windows Mobile.

Opera Mobile itself support Opera Turbo which compress web page more, so the loading took faster then previous version. For your info, this new browser support thumbnail speed dial that can give you easy access to your favourite website. The major difference in this version with the previous version is the download manager. Now you can download, pause and organize your download to ease your browsing experience.

For more info. Visit www.opera.com/next in your desktop browser or view it in your mobile phone by visiting m.opera.com/next in your mobile phone browser. Have a fun browsing.