Wue seldom see vendor shows its green handset on the market, at least one or two model with that concept. But now Sony Ericsson is confident to release a new phone called Naite that “green”. Naite is a new product of Sony Ericsson that brings up new commitment “Greenheart” along with C901 Greenheart. This vendor is trying to create a phone without dangerous material, reduce paper comsumption, and using smaller box.

1. Interface
This is a candybar phone, the view isn’t far away with its SE friends, seems like C901, C902 or K770. It accomodates TFT 265K colors in a 2.2” QVGA screen. In this phone also coming with Facebook for Sony Ericsson in its standby screen, that makes sense.
2. Multimedia
Although it was a “green” phone, it doesn’t mean that it’s not armed enough with multimedia weapon. You can find camera, camera for video call, music player,video player,FM radio, until games. This handsets use 2.0 MP cam without autofocus and flashlight, can only record video with mp4 format at QVGA resolution. The player itself supports both mpeg4 and 3gp.
3. Connectivity
Naite has various choices of connectivity, it supports A2DP Bluetooth, SE-type USB cable. In a networking areas, we can find GPRS,EDGE, 3G and also HSDPA. Don’t hope you can use Wi-Fi in this handset
4. Application
Being green outside isn’t enough. That’s why Sony Ericsson loaded Naite with Green Application, like Ecomate, and Green Calculator. There are also AccuWeather,Slideshow Wallpaper, Standby World, World Clock 3D, and don’t forget the best one, Facebook for Sony Ericsson
5. Hardware
The casing material used isn’t dissapointing at all, they use good-quality plastic to cover this handsets. In this time Sony Ericsson doesn’t use their default m2 cards, they now using a universal microSD card without hotswap function. Its battery is a Lithium Polymer ones, with 950mAh capacity, it can hold for 2 days in one charging.