HTC Tattoo lives up to its name and rebels by getting a tattoo. Mom and Dad at HTC are cool with it - they even set up a whole site dedicated to inking the Tattoo. Modifying the looks of your mobile phone is on the rise recently but most end up a diamond-encrusted golden mess. Not these ones - they range from serious to ironic, and thankfully lack Swarovski crystals.

A "tattoo" is a custom cover adding a design to the front and back of the HTC Tattoo. Don't think it's just tribal tattoos, there are 15 different designs ranging from ones that look like actual tattoos to colorful blobs that probably won't look very good on your shoulder but really bring the plain back cover to life.

If you're not happy with walking into the shop and picking a design from the wall, there's a pretty versatile tool on the site that allows you to make your own. It allows you to pick a general color for the phone, a pattern to spice it up, then you can add text and predefined symbols to it. And if that isn't personalized enough for you, upload your own image, to slap on the HTC Tattoo