Nowadays, it's very easy to search all types of phone, from candybar, slide, touch, swivel, candybar qwert and others. Some of that handsets also have trick to give more facility in small devices, like slide-out QWERTY keyboard. this handsets are exactly candybar-made, but it has slide on its left to swipe out its qwerty keybord. Now We will list some :
- LG KS360
- LG KF900
- Samsung F700
- Samsung B7620 Giorgio Armani
- Samsung B5310 Corby Pro
- Samsung B7610 Omnia Pro
- Samsung Impression
- Nokia 5730 ExpressMusic
- Nokia 6760 Slide
- Nokia 6790 Surge
- Nokia E75
- Nokia N900
- Nokia N97 mini
- Nokia N97
- HTC Tilt2
- HTC S740
- HTC Touch Pro
- HTC Touch Pro2
- Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1
- Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2

Nokia E75

Still confuse, here we will give comments from some poeople, check it out

Firstly, don't get an LG phone, they're terrible -- LG offer no aftercare support in terms of firmware updates, even if they're desperately needed (I'm looking at you LG Viewty). They always have poor battery life and they're very "clunky" devices, if you get what I mean.

Out of your options then I'd have to go with the Nokia E75 - I've heard that the QWERTY on the device is very easy to use, and it's a powerful little device.

It's not my cup of tea, because I don't like moving parts but it's probably the best slide-out QWERTY you can get.

Someone will probably come along and mention the Nokia N97, but it's such a poor handset that I wouldn't advise you to use it. Try it out in a store if you can, but I'll wager if you tried it side-by-side with an E75 you'd choose that instead.

I wouldn't have recommended the Xperia, but they recently released new firmware for it that speeds it up a great deal, making it a little bit better. The HTC Touch Pro 2 is probably the best example of Windows Mobile on a phone, and it has a really good QWERTY keypad on it - they're good suggestions.

Doesn't hide the fact that they're WinMo phones though, they're not everyone's cup of tea. All I can really say is try out a few handsets in stores. If you're sure you're going to end up getting at least one of them (or you look like you are) then they'll be happy to let you try them out

If you find that an E75 is a bit too business-y looking and expensive, then Nokia are releasing a cheaper and better (hardware-wise) phone in the form of the 5730 XpressMusic.
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-from weetanhops

i'd defo agree with this, i've used the xda exc on o2 and now have the mda vario IV (aka HTC Touch Pro) one lower then the recent htc touch pro 2.

these are full keyboards. its one thing that i look at when i want a keyboard phone, is that if its a physical keyboard then make sure its a full keyboard, not half where like the n97 the numeric keys are misisng so you always have to press a funstion key.
-from mobilephonemart

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we ourselves prefer HTC handset for better texting, or Nokia for Most-Easy Used Operating system