This phone is said to be famous before it's launched officially in the market. With many great novel features, it's not our fault if we agree with statement above. Yes, this was a good phone. This 'big' handsets is the senior of the previous Nokia E71. Coming with exclusive improvement, it's likely this phone will conquer the business phone market.

Key features
- Full Candybar QWERTY keyboard
- Landscape 2.36" QVGA display resolution
- ARM11 CPU with 600 Mhz processor
- 5 MPix Cams with AutoFocus and LED Flash
- Office Document Editor with 2007 support
- Optical Trackpad

Display and Interface
This 'landscape' phone give us a full-QWERTY keyboard without sliding it out because it's all given in candybar form, so the display will be landscape to follow the proportion. Being wide, Nokia E72 still fits in our hands, at least we can say there's nothing problem for holding it up, this phone's also being the slimmest QWERTY phone on the market. In the box, there is also a leather carrying case to put this phone in, so no worry to dust. The display screen itself is quite strong and good enough even in sunlight. We know it, the display of Nokias are better than all. This time you can navigate in menus using a new inovative trackpad from Nokias, there is also D-Pad too. The combination make us free to chose.

Document on The Go
The letter 'E' in this phone, means this phone is created for some serious task, we can say it as a mobile computing. Mobile computing itself contains many task to do, from scheduling an appointment, e-mail client, document editor, presentattion, conference call and good network and connection to support mobile computing. And guess what? This phone have all of those things. We can quite calm this time.

Multimedia and Entertainment
Being 'office' doesn't mean it loose the fun taste. IT accomodates 5 Megapixels camera with Autofocus and LED Flash, we know it more than we need for fun. Another multimedia shot comes in a music sector. Although not designed to be a musician, this phone also create powerful sounds with enough bass to enjoy the entertainment. Of course we didn't forget about picture gallery and video players. Games are also in the way.

The wares
For doing some serious task, Nokia have armed this device with Full Featured QuickOffice that support Offie 2007, PDF Viewer, E-Mail Client, and Remote Lock. Wait, for your surprise, there are also Facebook aplication for Nokia E71/E72 in Ovi Store, although the interface is bit simple according to us. Switching to hardware mode, we can found a Bluetooth, USB Cable, 3.5mm Headset jack, and GPS receiver with Nokia Maps. What to say next? Just prepare your money and hunt